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Short Description:

  • Model: VH44
  • Brand: ALOSUN
  • Code: OEM# VH44
  • Tags: Vacuum Supercharger
  • 1: OE quality seal
  • 2: Provide new mounting nuts to ensure proper installation
  • 3: 100% vacuum test for all products to ensure quality and reliability

    Product Detail


    Product Tags

    OEM# VH44 Vacuum Supercharger for all model

    Additional Specifications:

    Diaphragm Diameter: 6″

    Brake Booster Diaphragm Style: Single Diaphragm

    Material: Steel

    Master Cylinder Included: No

    OEM Interchange: VH44

    VH44- it is a universal Supercharger which is fit for all model car.

    Between the master cylinder and the slave cylinder, which is used to increase the output oil pressure of the master cylinder and increase the braking effect. Applicable to all hydraulic models

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