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Short Description:

  • Model: 586104E001
  • Brand: ALOSUN
  • Code: OEM 58610-4E001
  • Tags: Power Brake Booster
  • 1: OE quality seal
  • 2: Provide new mounting nuts to ensure proper installation
  • 3: 100% vacuum test for all products to ensure quality and reliability

    Product Detail


    Product Tags

    Vacuum Booster OEM# 58610-4E001 Power Brake Booster for Kia Bongo III

    Additional Specifications:

    Diaphragm Diameter: 8+9″

    Brake Booster Diaphragm Style: Double Diaphragm

    Material: Steel

    Master Cylinder Included: No

    OEM Interchange: 586104E001

    OEM# 58610-4E001 is fit for Kia Bongo III and so on.

    Attention:Brake Booster have LHD(Left Hand Drive) and RHD (Right Hand Drive)


    How to check the vacuum booster is broken

    One day when you are using a car, you suddenly find that the brake pedal is hard, Maybe there is something wrong with your vacuum booster, but how to check the vacuum booster is broken.

    First, you shoud startover your car; Second, two minutes later, Step on the brake pedal, and don’t loosen it;Third, the car is stalled, observe whether the brake pedal rebounds, if that your brake booster is bad, it must be replaced; if not, you are good lucky

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